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A Chicago neighborhood project for environmental and social justice.

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Beyond Today Newsletters

February 21, 2015 Vote and Dance

February 20, 2015 A Letter by Pete Leki

February 16, 2015 All sorts of things going on.... trips, films, plays, workshops.

June 4, 2012 Lunchline! and Casserole!

May 31, 2012 Cadillac streetlights in a time of austerity by Pete Leki

May 14, 2012 NATO community event

May 10, 2012 general community news

January 18, 2012 petition

Sept 21 , 2011 Schools and more Pete Leki and Alderman Pawar's education initiative.

Sept 11 , 2011 We Will Not Forget? by Pete Leki

August 2 , 2011 Some good things to do.

February 12 , 2011A beautiful day to vote.

January 31, 2011 A fresh crisp wind blowing into the 47th Ward

Grieving: a Letter by Debbie Albano to friends and family back in Arizona

John Thale Presente!

January 9, 2011 The Tragedy in Arizona by Ann Breen-Greco

January 5, 2011 An Open Letter to the new interim Board of Education CEO, Terry Mazany: by Pete Leki

December, 12, 2010 An Open Letter to Senator Durbin, Senator Kirk, and Congressman Quigley


November 2010 A Beyond Today community event: Foreign Policy and Defense Spending with Congressman Quigley

For your listening enjoyment, we offer this link: Retro Rahm: Beyond Today sound files These are sound clips from May of 2003, when Beyond Today organized a meeting with our previous Congressman, Rahm Emanuel.








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