Beyond Today was a Chicago community group most active from 2003-2013, made of gardeners and environmentalists who wanted organize and attend peace and social justice efforts together.

Based in the Lincoln Square neighborhood, Beyond Today was founded by members of Riverbank Neighbors who sought to work together on broader topics including:

Advocacy for environmentally sustainable solutions

  • Organic mosquito management.
  • The Green Dinner series  These were moderated dinner conversations with special guests from various Chicago environmental and social justice organizations.  Over 50 events were held in Chicago homes of Beyond Today’s community members.
  • Environmental Internships:  For three years, Beyond Today had an intern program in which several students worked with us.
  • Advocating for funding for essential services for the homeless and their safety.
  • Participation in anti-war coalitions and local efforts.
  • Education about affordable housing issues and support
  • Participation in coalitions working on climate emergency and green energy
  • and others.