Beyond Today

A Chicago neighborhood project for environmental and social justice.

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What is Beyond Today?

Beyond Today is a Chicago neighborhood ad-hoc neighborhood organization that's been around since January of 2003. We started when members of a neighborhood environmental group, the Riverbank Neighbors, organized some anti-war meetings and realized that we wanted to work on broader environmental and social justice issues.

The neighborhood where most of us live is near the Chicago River in Ravenswood, Lincoln Square, and North Center, but quite a few people come from other neighborhoods too. Many of us are also part of Riverbank Neighbors and act as stewards of the riverbank.

We are a community of people who work, learn, and advocate for environmental and social justice. If you are interested in getting involved, just join the email list and come to an event.

Some of the issues we've addressed include:

  • Pesticide mosquito spray
  • Organic community gardens
  • River Issues
  • TIF reform
  • Anti-war initiatives
  • Native plant and remnant prarie protection
  • Coal Power Plant protests
  • Climate Change (
  • and more - much more!




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