Divesting from the Dakota Access Pipeline- letter

To: Chase Bank
We are sorry to inform you that we are closing our Savings account at your bank effectively immediately.
We are moving our funds to banks that will use our funds more ethically than Chase has chosen to do. We are speaking of Chase’s support for the Dakota Access Pipeline in particular, and other environmentally destructive projects generally. These projects not only immediately threaten our groundwater, desecrate the land, and are marked by violence and terrorism against those who object to them, they also will ultimately lead to the burning of more fossil fuels, exacerbating climate change and threatening life on Earth.

We’ve always had a good relationship with our local bank tellers and managers, but Chase investment decisions are unwise, greedy and threaten our planet and the future that our children will inherit. We will be encouraging our neighbors and friends to also divest from Chase and transfer those funds to community banks and credit unions.
We will be watching for Chase to put in place more ethical and earth-friendly investment decisions. In the meantime we will not let our hard-earned funds be used for evil.
Pete Leki and Debbie Albano